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Amazing Mentor and its contribution to the spiritual evolution of the planet


Here's how she puts it: "Maybe people would be useful to know how fervently the orthodox Christian was able to become a famous teacher of the occult. People could be more removed, understood as a purely theological thinker, preach the Bible, I could come to the firm conviction that, in order that the world might come true and universal religion, which the world is waiting for, the teachings of East and West should be combined and synthesized ".

Born Alice La Trobe-Bateman June 16, 1880 in Manchester, England. Det parents belonged to an ancient noble birth. It was a difficult way of life of the girl, preaching the Bible soldiers, very shy by nature and difficult to overcome this shyness, then the pastor's wife, a lovely mother, three children, until the founder and head of the esoteric school, the organizer of the International Goodwill having centers dozens of countries. Twenty books written by her, widespread recognition and have been translated into many languages.

His first mystical experience Alice acquired quite early. In 15 years, she for the first time there was a wonderful meeting, left a vivid and impressive. In the morning one Sunday for her entered the room a tall man dressed in European clothes, but with a turban on his head. He said he has scheduled an important job that she could perform for people, but this work will require profound changes in her character. But first she must achieve complete self-control, and only then we can start. He said that she would have to travel a lot around the world, to visit many countries, carrying out the work entrusted to her teacher. He stressed that everything depends on her own, how she could Change your character and that it should immediately start doing it. The man added that he would come into contact with it every few years.

From that moment Alice discovers at intervals of 7 years until the age of 35, periodical manifestation of interest in it on the part of teachers. And only 10 years after the first meeting, Alice learned that the stranger who visited it, it is the Master KH. Soon after that memorable meeting Alice, too, quite unexpectedly, two were "dreams in a state of wakefulness." It is as if involved in some important mysteries that took place thousands of kilometers away, in the Himalayas, together with Christ, Buddha, teachers and thousands of people from East and West.

Only 20 years later it became clear, and the meaning and significance of the spiritual mysteries in which she participated. She became a member of the cosmic process. Came the era when the teacher was looking to go to a meeting, they began to take in the life of humanity ever more explicit and active participation. It began the great process of rapprochement between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy. Evidence of this process is often more poorly perceived by ordinary human consciousness. New knowledge must have come unexpected way, in unexpected ways, to destroy crystallized patterns of human thought and to prepare the minds of many to the perception of new information.

Alice had to walk a difficult path. Her life was a lot of drastic changes, and many of the role it had to play.

The first time Alice's life changed dramatically at age 22 she exchanged carefree financially prosperous life to life in an effort to achieve absolute freedom. For six years, Alice led a difficult missionary work among the soldiers - first in England, then to India. Later, she married Walter Evans, moved with him to the United States as the wife of the pastor of the Protestant Church, was the mother of three children, but 7 years later was forced to divorce her husband. She went through a period of poverty, one has brought up children, she worked hard to feed them. In January 1919 she met Foster Bailey, with whom later, when she was able to get a divorce, they married. In November 1919 he became acquainted with Alice Bailey Master Djwhal Khul, who appears in her writings under the name of the Tibetan. The voice that she had heard, she said: "There are some books that it is desirable to write for the people. They can write you. Will you do that? "Thus began the work, which lasted 30 years, resulting in written more than twenty books, which fully reflected the teachings given by the planetary hierarchy to mankind for a new era. An important outcome of the work of Alice Bailey was to organize it in 1923 Arcane School. For several years, she and her second husband - Foster Bailey, who became her friend and colleague, worked in various Theosophical Society of the USA, including the esoteric sections of society, meets with students of Blavatsky. Work A. Bailey is a direct continuation of the work of Madame Blavatsky, which works in a similar method of the same teachers of the spiritual Hierarchy. "The Secret Doctrine" Blavatsky E. A. Bailey to become a huge impulse inspiring.

By the time the Theosophical Society actually began profanation of the great secret truths of Theosophy. Seeing this, Alice and Foster decided to organize the esoteric school, whose main goal - to help people uncover a divinity and realize their relationship with the universe. Vetoy school began to prepare for the first shots of the New Group of World Servers - the core of the future of a new civilization.

The purpose of the Arcane School fivefold. School:

1. Prepare students for the New Group of World Servers need for a new era.

2. Trains people to further their advancement along the Path of Evolution.

3. Recognizes the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and gives instructions on how to enter it.

4. In practice, argues that "souls of men are one."

5. Emphasizes the need to live a spiritual life.

Published Unfinished Autobiography of Alice Bailey, written in 1947 at the request of her disciples and followers. It marked the two main points of the career of Alice. The first - to confirm all the experience of his life existence of a hierarchy of spiritual teachers of mankind, the World Teacher. Second - to point to the new trends in the world - the arrival of a higher civilization and culture.

Alice Bailey writes of a world trend towards unification and cooperation of all the people in the world on the basis of high spirituality. Humanity is on the way to universal brotherhood. And this trend will dominate the next few thousand years.

Interestingly the analysis of the existing Alice Bailey esoteric schools, the separation of the levels of influence and importance in the evolutionary process. Esoteric schools can be divided into several types, depending on the level of a mentor:

1. There are a large number of so-called esoteric schools, instituted seeking. They are pushing for a love of teaching, some personal ambition. Their methods are exoteric: they give training, based upon what is already known, in their teaching little new. They use the standard books on occultism or compile old allowance. They demand obedience and regarded with disapproval and criticism of other schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leader and loyalty to the interpretation of the truth, which gives this leader. This is not esoteric schools and their leaders are not disciples. They only seek to the Probationary Path, and not very advanced.

2. School, founded by people who are learning to teach and serve. These schools are quite small. The head of the school tries to teach humbly and with no complaints. He understands that his contact with the higher powers is not yet part of it. His influence and radiation is not very powerful. Usually, he learns from his mistakes. But it gives a proper training and introduces beginners to the basics of Eternal Wisdom.

3. Now start to appear a new type of esoteric groups. They are the ones who set up the more advanced students. The problem they have is much more difficult, they must give people new truths and new interpretations of old. This new and more advanced presentation will be founded on the old truths, and this will arouse antagonism from the old schools. The leaders of these new schools have a more powerful radiation and a much wider influence and their work becomes world-wide in scope. They have a stronger spiritual call that can be heard by many. This hard work the students entrusted to the establishment of new schools. Their influence extends in all directions, attracting those who are ready for new teachings. They influence the minds of people everywhere, widening horizons of the public and introducing new concepts of humanity.

There are also certain schools, disguised as true, they attracted the curious and foolish. Fortunately, their influence is small. They temporarily cause a lot of harm, because distort the teaching and give false ideas, but they practically have no real power.

Thirty years lasted a huge scale work, focused on the future of the planet. December 15, 1949 Alice Bailey left this world, whom she so faithfully served. When it was the time of death, her own Master KH came for her as he had promised long before.